On Knowledge

I just returned from a week-long informal writing retreat with my close group of women writing friends on the Northern California coast. Part of our practice together is to draw tarot cards and use them as writing prompts. We have multiple decks to choose from; one is a new deck I found recently, the Osho Zen Tarot. I randomly pulled this card, Consciousness, and this short essay resulted.

The third eye, the knowing. Sit deep into self and let go of all that doesn’t matter, the judgment, the baggage, the conditioning, the you-will-never-be-good-enough, the fear, the hesitation, the second guessing.

Become the mountain self. Hips planted on the cushion, back straight, shoulders soft but firm, relaxed, the breath moving in and out with life force, and the face soft, quiet, tender in its no concentration, in its no focus – all present, all now.

And yet, that most important part, the third eye, glowing in the center of the brow, the penetrating wisdom, the pure insight, true knowledge.

Not the intellectual dissection, not the quick wit, not the ironic tongue or the acerbic humor, not the speed of a barb –

No, this is a mist of illumination, raindrops to clear the morning, cool water scooped with a gourd outside the temple gates to slake the thirst of the weary pilgrim. To dip the gourd in the well, to pour the water over the top of your head, to wash your dusty feet…

When simply to sit, to breathe, is enough.

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